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Laughter Saves Lives Heroes Tour- Coming Soon!

Police, Firefighters, EMS, Health Care professional comics delivering the show with a bit of the old Rat Pack style. At times 2 maybe 3 comics on stage with a bit of banter for one or two minutes then the next comic comes up to do their set. We will raise some money for some wonderful Military and other Responder charities through sponsorship, shirt sales and raffles. LSL President John Larocchia will MC and close some of the shows and tie it all together with some banter between comics like you would hear in a Fire Station, Police Station, Military barracks or that break room at the Hospital. We will also be showing some of the shows online. You make a donation, you get the code to watch. This way we can make a few extra money for the charities like LSL and the Comics. My friends the comics have taken a beating during this tough time. Many of the comics that we book are always so willing to donate time at the Veteran’s Hospitals yet many need this money to pay bills. I want to support them also. We need your help. So check here for updates and thanks so much for your continued support of Laughter Saves Lives!